Truly affordable All-New Digital Breathalyzer with fuel cell sensor

Fuel cell electrochemical sensor models with leading accuracy in the market.

Protecting your safety!

Our ODM models choosen by leading retailers for the 15th consecutive years and counting.

AMAZING accuracy

best-in-class standard

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From our renowned semiconductor models to fuel cell models - all focused to deliver from retailer-trust-quality to law-enforcement accuracy at affordable price

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Find out why our testers would minimize your sourcing risk for high quality breathalyzers. Find out how our unique alcohol sensing technology powering the best accuracy available in market

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Alcohol Tester, a glimpse of what it is

An alcohol tester,alkohol testery,breathalyzer,alkotester is an instrument for estimating your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) from your breath test. It is an ideal companion to help you make wise decision after you had some drinks, and help you to be more responsible for your personal safety.

Our breathalyzers are used for both personal and company screening purposes across industries such as personal consumer market, schools, clinics, marine, mining, transportation and construction companies.